Who We Are

Mission Statement

The mission of the First Congregational Church, United Church of Christ, of Anoka (UCC), is to be an open, vital nurturing Christian community:

By searching for God’s guidance through prayer, for God’s knowledge through scriptures, and for a model of Christian living through the life of Jesus Christ;

By providing an environment to reflect, to share our faith, to grow spiritually, and to support one another;

By striving to meet the religious needs for all ages in our congregation;

By encouraging individuality, acceptance of diversity, participation in our church, and reaching out faithfully in our community and the world.

 How We Work

In the United Church of Christ, each local congregation has its own way of doing things.  At our church, we gather as a congregation twice a year to make major decisions.  The Church Council meets monthly to guide the life of the church.  The Council is made up from our Boards and Committees.  The Moderator, in partnership with the pastor and staff, leads the congregation and the Church Council.  

Boards and Committees work in various ministry areas:

  • The Board of Diaconate focuses on worship; helping organize and carry out functions such as Holy Communion and Baptisms.
  • The Board of Religious Education guides our ministry with children, youth and families.
  • The Board of Trustees tackles the building and properties.
  • The Board of Finance handles our finances.
  • The Personnel Committee provide supervision and support for our staff.
  • The Justice & Witness Committee organizes our social justice work.
  • The Nominating Committee solicits new members for committees and boards.
  • The Hospitality and Identity Committee is our first impressions group; welcoming new people into our church.
  • The Stewardship Committee educates congregants about the ministries of the church and inspires member to support those efforts through giving of time, talent and treasure.

Other Teams include:  Youth Advisory, Health Ministries, Caring Visitors, Memorials, Furnishings, Visual Arts, Technologies, Membership Review, and Campsite team.