The communion meal recalls the table fellowship Jesus shared with his disciples, and in particular the Last Supper on the night before his death as well as his appearances to the disciples during meals following his resurrection. Throughout its history these Biblical events have been central to the Church’s worship life.

The United Church of Christ Book of Worship reminds us that “the invitation and the call [to the supper] celebrate not only the memory of a meal that is past, but an actual meal with the risen Christ that is a foretaste of the heavenly banquet at which Christ will preside at the end of history.”

Our Communion practices include both "pew communion" (where the elements are brought to you in your seat) and "Intinction", wherein participants come forward and receive the Bread and Cup at the front of the room.    

The Communion Table belongs to Christ, and as such is open to all who wish to know the presence of Christ and to share in the community of God’s people.  No one is turned away.

Communion is served during all worship services on the first Sunday of each month and during certain special services at other times during the church year.